Human Trafficking Advocate


Job Description
PURPOSE: To provide support and assistance to human trafficking survivors; Provide crisis
intervention, advocacy, case management, information, referral services, and follow-up services to
survivors of human trafficking. Coordinate and supervise direct service volunteers to assist with service
needs of human trafficking survivors. The Human Trafficking Advocate reports to and is under the direct
supervision of the SA/DV Supervisor and Executive Director.

LOCATION: South Sioux City Office

STATUS: Full-time (40 Hrs. /pay period)
Hourly non-exempt
Primarily business hours between 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday
Some evening/weekend work required
Occasional overnight travel

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelors degree or equivalent experience
in a related field preferred
Ability to provide absolute confidentiality
Experience in leadership and/or supervision
Knowledgeable of issues related to domestic, dating, and sexual violence,
and human trafficking
Knowledgeable in the field of Criminal Justice
Excellent organizational and communication skills (written & oral)
Experience in public speaking
Ability to work independently as well as cooperatively
Ability to remain calm and work sensitively with clients
Demonstrated commitment & dedication to goals of Haven House
Valid drivers license, insurance, and vehicle

60% of time is spent on conducting and/or overseeing the human trafficking program
• Assessing each client for issues related to the risk or further abuse, determine barriers and
resource needs
• Provide options for personal safety on an ongoing basis
• Guide, empower and educate clients in achieving safety and recognizing option
• Coordinate direct service volunteers to provide advocacy for human trafficking survivors
• Provide supervision of direct service volunteer advocates providing services to human trafficking
• Provide support to human trafficking survivors by addressing housing and legal needs,
immigration and legal remedies, financial needs, emergency food and clothing needs, and job
• Coordinate with community partners, businesses, and cultural resources to provide outreach and
education on human trafficking
• Provide advocacy, transportation and accompaniment during law enforcement interviews child
forensic interviews, forensic medical exams, prosecution interviews, court proceedings, and other
supportive meetings
• Provide support for sexual and reproductive health services, mental health services access, and all
medical services
• Attend all meetings, conferences, trainings, and workshops, as assigned
• Ability to lift up to 25 pounds
20% of time is spent on providing crisis intervention & advocacy support to victims of domestic
and sexual violence
• Provide and/or supervise all advocacy services for human trafficking survivors
Updated: December 2020
• Provide crisis line support services on a weekly rotation with other agency staff members (includes
evenings, weekends, and holidays)
• Provide supportive listening and agency referrals
• Provide access to agency services based on needs assessment of individual client
• Conduct safety planning, case management and complete required forms (provision of services,
confidentiality, etc.) and service records on all client contacts as required
• Conduct follow-up with all clients (ONLY when safe to do so).
• Perform special projects and other related duties
• Willing to learn and teach indicators and signs of human trafficking
5% of time is spent on networking with all victim service agencies
• Become knowledgeable and keep abreast of all area services available for clients
• Keep all service agencies informed of changes in or additions of our services
• Attend meetings as assigned by the Executive Director
• Provide awareness presentations on agency services and our direct service volunteer program.
• Assist with awareness and outreach activities as assigned by the Executive Director.
5% of time is spent on records management.
• Prepare reports for the agency’s respective funding source
• Enter all client and statistical records in our data base as required.
• Complete case management and service records on all client contacts
• Emphasis on clear, concise, and accurate records
• Meet the reporting deadlines as prescribed by agency and grant contracts
7% of time is spent receiving and soliciting donations.
• Prepare and keep current an agency wish list
• Distribute wish list of client needs to area churches, community organizations, publish in agency
newsletter, post on social media (Facebook) and contact donors on our Partners Program listing.
• Receive, sort, and dispense all material donations
• Ensure that all donors are properly recorded
• Acknowledge donors via mail in a timely manner
3% of time is spent on program planning and development.
• Identify gaps in service within systems (internal & external)
• Propose new ideas and methods for enhancing current programs and new program development
• Keep current on new methods and information pertaining to domestic violence, sexual assault, and
human trafficking
➢ Adhere to all agency policies and procedures
• Provide absolute confidentiality
• Support policies and procedures as prescribed
➢ Maintain a positive, professional working relationship with Haven House staff, volunteers, Board
of Directors, members of the criminal justice system and all outside agency related contacts

As assigned or requested by the Executive Director:
• Attend staff, board, and other meetings relevant to program services & development
• Attend trainings and conferences
• Assist with the enhancement/development, and implementation of programs
• Complete all other duties as requested or assigned