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Officer Ben Rodenburg

Officer Ben Rodenburg
Ravenna Police Department

Ben Rodenborg has been a police officer since 2010; serving first with the Norfolk, NE Police Department before joining the Ravenna, NE Police Department in 2014. Officer Rodenborg has received commendations for his work with local youth and for the actions of he and his shift mates on scene of a murder. Officer Rodenborg currently serves as Amber Alert/Emergency Missing Persons Coordinator and as a Field Training Officer for the City of Ravenna. Additionally, Officer Rodenborg, serves as the Evidence Room Supervisor, having overhauled the department’s evidence handling techniques and frequently advising fellow officers on the collection and handling of evidence. Over the last two years, Officer Rodenborg has worked hand in in hand with the Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence and the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center to train domestic violence advocates and law enforcement officers on understanding the roles and responsibilities of each other as well as how to come together in an effective manner to best help survivors and hold abusers accountable.


Officer Rodenborg is trained as an EMT and has advanced training in conducting child abuse investigations and interviews, accident investigation, and crisis intervention. Serving as a prime example of community policing, Officer Rodenborg, engages actively both on and off duty within his community, serving as a member of the School Safety Board and the LIONS club, as well as working with D.A.R.E. and providing presentations to a variety of local groups/organizations on a myriad of law enforcement and safety related topics. Officer Rodenborg is responsible for the orchestrating the first partnership between State Probation and a local trap shooting team to enable at-risk youth to participate in firearms related sporting activities instead of being ostracized from a growing sport in the area; normally the use/possession of firearms by probation-supervised individuals is illegal; but this partnership allows juveniles who are in compliance with their conditions of probation to participate in a team sport and, in doing so, become a contributing member of a respected group within the community.


In his time as a law enforcement officer, Officer Rodenborg, has participated in the successful investigations and convictions of several domestic assault cases as well as numerous sexual assault investigations, specifically where children have been victimized. Officer Rodenborg describes himself as a kid-friendly officer, and believes by being actively involved with our youth that he has an opportunity to make a positive impact in their lives. He has said that unfortunately the realm of child crime and domestic violence often go hand in hand. As such, domestic violence, sexual assault, and crimes against children are a closely linked area of great importance to Officer Rodenborg.


Officer Rodenborg is married and has two children. He enjoys spending time with his family (especially road trips), Star Wars, and going through airports. When he was in high school, Officer Rodenborg, told his mother that there was not enough money in the world to make him be a cop when she suggested it as a career path. His mind was changed through the guidance of a retired state patrolman who was his supervisor at Chadron State College.

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